SufiOz is Farhan’s contemporary Sufi performance group presenting contemporary (ancient/modern) Sufi music mainly Ghazals and Qawwalis featuring classics of the master singers as well as original compositions. The music is a blend of traditional and modern musical instruments and styles merging Sufi music with world music sounds.

The group has performed extensively for at major events and festivals in SA including WOMADELAIDE, undertaken a national tour and performed nationally  at festivals and special events in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and soon Tasmania.

Keith Preston

Keith is an experienced world music player touring nationally and internationally with Dya Singh (Sikh/Punjab) as well as featuring with SA acts Local Import (Irish/Italian) AMADA (Middle East & Balkan) Shoor Jahan (Bengali) and Moonta Street Eurasian) He plays santoor, guitar, bouzouki and bohdran and is also recognized as an arts manager, events producer, songwriter, puppeteer and theatre writer/director.

Keith Preston - SufiOz
Alain Vãlodze - SufiOz

Alain Vãlodze

Alain is a sought-after master of Flamenco and Classical guitar with a longstanding immersion in a range of world music’s. A composer and collaborator, he has performed at major festivals such as Womadelaide, The International Guitar Festival and recently with award-winning first nations music productions.

Karen De Nardi

Karen has performed at WOMAD, Europafest, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Adelaide Guitar Festival and the Adelaide Fringe and works with various groups including Hyoshi in Counterpoint, Aurora Strings, San Ureshi, Nexus Arts Orchestra, John Schumann, Patch Children’s Theatre Company, Brink Theatre Company, Acoustic Odyssey and The Baker Suite and also with Farhan Shah & SufiOz

Alongside her performance work, Karen co-directs the Southern Cross Symphony, contracting musicians in all states across Australia. Most recently tours with Russell Morris and Kate Ceberano.

Satomi Ohnishi - SufiOz

Satomi Ohnishi

Satomi Ohnishi is a highly respected jazz percussionist who originally trained in Japan and has worked with many leading music acts and projects in Adelaide. She is also a key member of the Asian Ensemble San Oreshi (Chinese jazz instrumentals) and has many collaborations with world, folk, classical and jazz music events and performances.

Ravi Madhawan - SufiOz

Ravi Madhawan

From Fiji originally and now residing in Melbourne, Ravi is steeped in the worlds of Hindustani classical & qawwali music. He is a great player of qawwali tabla and harmonium as well as contributing on keyboards and vocals. He works as a music teacher and collaborator with a range of musicians and genres. Ravi has had the honour in accompanying multiple Indian classical singers and instrumentalists. He performs across both fusion and traditional qawwali art forms.

Noni Espinoza

Noni  came as a a young boy to Australia from Chile and was performing his traditional music from a young age on charanga and guitar. with the family band playing the music of Latin America. he also plays bass and has played with many  groups covering African, Reggae and world music. Noni is a recognised Sound technician as well as performing his own shows in South Australia

Robin Anthony

Robin Anthony is one of South Australia’s best known violin and viola players being a teacher, member of many foremost ensembles and a great collaborating artist.